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Bacteria in milk related to risk of arthritis

New Delhi: Milk has invariably been similar with sensible, improved bone health and bone density because of the wealthy quantity of Ca it contains.

However, a study has associated it with arthritis, expression that the condition are often triggered due to the bacterium gift in milk.

A strain of bacterium usually found in milk could also be a trigger for developing arthritis in those that area unit genetically in danger, researchers same.

Rheumatoid arthritis is Associate in Nursing response and disease that causes the system to attack a person’s joints, muscles, bones and organs.

Patients suffer from pain and deformities principally within the hands and feet. It will occur at any age however the foremost common onset is between forty and sixty years recent and is 3 times a lot of prevailing in ladies.

The study, printed within the journal Frontiers in Cellular and Infection biological science, showed a link between arthritis and mycobacteria avium taxonomic group paratuberculosis, referred to as MAP.

Humans will contract the bacterium through the consumption of infected milk, beef and manufacture fertilized by manure.

“We don’t apprehend the reason for arthritis, thus we’re excited that we’ve found this association,” same one amongst the researchers Shazia Beg from the University of Central American state (UCF) within the United States.

The study involves one hundred of her patients World Health Organization volunteered clinical samples for testing.

Nearly eighty % of the patients with arthritis were found to own a mutation within the PTPN2/22 sequence, and forty % of that variety tested positive for MAP.

“We believe that people born with this alteration and World Health Organization area unit later exposed to MAP through overwhelming contaminated milk or meat from infected Bos taurus area unit at the next risk of developing arthritis,” same Saleh Naser, Associate in Nursing communicable disease specialist at UCF.

“Understanding the role of MAP in atrophic arthritis|autoimmune disorder} suggests that the disease might be treated a lot of effectively,” Naser same.


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